La Petite École - French language preschool


Lise and a group of children, all dressed up in costumes"La Petite Ecole has been such a gift. When we moved across town, there was no question that we would keep our son at LPE; he was enjoying his time at school so much that his three hours there were well worth the hour-and-a-half round-trip commute! The staff are simply amazing: we couldn't have been more impressed by their skills with the children, and their warmth and caring. We will all miss them now that our son is graduating!"

- Tobin (child), Hilary and Emmett (parents)


"Our child Bielle started with zero exposure to the French language and just after a few months of immersion, Bielle has strongly built confidence in the listening and speaking skills of the language. She enjoys watching French shows and loves singing French songs. By the way, we are non-speaking French parents of Bielle!"

- Benjamin & Sheila, parents of Bielle, age 3


"It is just shy of a year and we can safely share with all our friends and family that we love LPE and everything Caroline, Lise and the teachers have done for our 3.5 year old son Hamilton. We can’t say enough about the school and how fantastic Chloe, Soulek and Lise have all been in helping him adapt and grow to reach his full potential. Hamilton is a happier and healthier little boy for the love, care and education you have all provided him. He started out very distressed about the routine change and didn’t know a word of French; with every passing week we saw a transformed little boy. Hamilton went from being shy and uncooperative to a little boy that was making friends, integrating with the teachers and even counting, reciting the alphabet, singing and speaking a few words in French. His transformation is entirely attributable to his time at La Petite Ecole. The leaders and staff at LPE recognized Hamilton needed special attention and they committed time and resources to help him adapt and shine. We couldn’t be more pleased with this experience and wholeheartedly believe that all children will benefit from a French education at LPE."

- Tabitha, mother of Hamilton, age 3.5


''We couldn't be happier with our experience at LPE. As anglophone parents, we were unsure how our 2.5 year old daughter would respond to the all-French environment. The staff were patient and nurturing from the start and very quickly established her trust. She has been there nearly a year and truly loves her teachers. I have found them all to have endless patience, energy, and creativity in the classroom.''

- Sarah, mother of Zoe, age 3,5


"Dear LPE teachers. Thank you for your professionalism and care. My daughter has become more sociable and disciplined."

- Iurie, father of Marielle, age 3.5


"I love the warmth of the teachers at La Petite Ecole. They make me and my children feel welcome. I know that my child's needs are being met and that the teachers at LPE are encouraging him to be the best little person that he can be."

- Shaughnessy, mother of Gavin, age 4


Families watch as their children are performing a musical piece"La Petite Ecole is a wonderful little school that my daughter so enjoys! She loves her teachers and surprises us daily with what she’s learned. Mila looks forward to going to school every day – and as a parent, that makes me very happy."

- Vesna, mother of Mila, age 4


"We love the staff at La Petite Ecole. They are knowledgeable, fun and genuinely care for my child. They are always happy to see her and she is always happy to see them! I appreciate the staff always taking time to share an anecdote or a breakthrough they witnessed, we are very happy with La Petite Ecole!"

- Katie, mother of Charlotte, age 4


"It is so cute to hear our son singing French songs, or making his toys speak French to each other. Besides learning French, our son has really gained confidence and independence during his time at La Petite Ecole. The staff creates a warm and loving environment that is the right mix between structured activities (art, reading, snacks) and allowing the children to explore language through play."

- John, father of Adrian, age 2.5