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Play with French

3-6 years 



This program offers our afternoon kindergarten program condensed into one hour: songs, stories, games, art, and crafts. The teacher's love of play and beauty come through in the artistic creations of the young students. Taught by Mélanie Frottier. 



*Students registered in the afternoon program may stay on for an extra hour for this program.

Astronomy, Space / Multisports 4-6 years 



Astronaut training is not for the faint of heart! Young astronauts go through mental and physical training in our year-round program to prepare for trips through the galaxies. Language skills are developed as children announce the planet (hoola hoop) to which they jump, or the moon that they orbit. This program makes full use of our mini-gym equipment, plastic arts like paper maché, the NASA website, and much more. Teacher: Mlle. Anais Mercier. 



*Students ages 4+ registered in the afternoon program may stay on for an extra hour for this program. 

Abacus Math 4-12 years



This program in its 3rd year teaches the traditional use of the Chinese abacus and follows an internationally recognized grading system. Math with the abacus allows the student to visualize quantity and improves mental computation, eventually, at an intermediate level, weaning oneself from the crutch of the physical abacus. Offered by Shirley's Abacus Math and taught by Ms. Cally Chan.

French Classes for Adults!

1. Intermediate French for Adults. Instructor Mlle. Floriane Letourneux holds a B.A. in teaching French as a Foreign Language and an M.A. in French Studies, and has 9 years of experience teaching French in universities and business communities. To assess whether this class is the right level for you, contact the instructor directly at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mondays 7:30-9:00pm.

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Download appropriate form above, fill out and return (with cheque) to La Petite École: 130 Kennedy Avenue, Toronto, ON M6S 2X9.

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